Altec intros 2 truck cranes for use on Prinoth’s Panther T22 track carrier

Updated Apr 6, 2017
AC45-127S-TC. Photo: AltecAC45-127S-TC. Photo: Altec

Altering the design of its traditional chassis-mounted models, Altec has introduced two truck cranes now available for sale on the Prinoth Panther T22 track carrier.

With the track-carrier-mounted AC45-127S-TC and AC40-152S-TC, Altec says it is now able to bring all the features of these two models’ chassis-mounted variants to hard-to-reach jobsites.

Altec says the AC45-127S-TC is able to take all 127 feet of main boom and flat-stick it down to zero degrees, adding “No other machine in its class is able to do the same.” The crane

The AC40-152S-TC features a 152-foot boom and 80,000 pounds of maximum lifting capacity.