Prinoth adds rubber-track option, new dump bed to Panther T16 carrier

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Updated Jun 13, 2017
Prinoth added a dump box to the Panther T16 carrier, along with rubber tracks.Prinoth added a dump box to the Panther T16 carrier, along with rubber tracks.

The Panther T16 now comes with metal-embedded solid rubber tracks, making the Prinoth track carrier better equipped for traveling on the road and riding on shop floors, the company says.

Prinoth also added a dump box to the T16 that is lined with Hardox steel and can handle up to 11.5 cubic yards of material. The T16 is still available with a traditional D-dent track system and flat bed.

The T16 has a bulk load material payload of 33,500 pounds and a gross vehicle weight rating of 75,000 pounds. It has a top speed of 8 mph.

The rubber track option’s undercarriage is composed of five wheels with tandem and tridem suspension and an automatic, hydraulic tension system. An auto-brake feature is standard.

The T16 runs on a Caterpillar engine, which is elevated to 51 inches for traversing swamps and other rough or muddy terrain. Its cab is designed with rollover and falling-object protection. The machine is controlled by a steering wheel and pedal combination. The steering column is telescopic and tiltable.