ASV expands Posi-Track lineup with new RT-75 large-frame CTL

Updated Feb 15, 2017


A year and a half after relaunching its three-model Posi-Track lineup of compact track loaders, ASV is introducing a fourth in the RT-75, a large-frame, radial-lift model.

Operating capacity on the RT-75 is 2,650 pounds with a tipping load of 7,571 pounds. Lift height is 126 inches.

Offering what the company says is best-in-class ground clearance, the RT-75’s Posi-Track dual-level suspension is able to adapt to different terrain at faster speeds thanks to suspended wheels and axles. ASV says the machine performs better on steep slopes than competitors thanks to triple-guide lugs and multiple wheel contact points.

Eighteen-inch tracks come standard and have a ground pressure of 3.6 psi. Twenty-inch tracks are an available option and lower ground pressure to 3.2 psi.

asv-rt-75-closed-cabASV says its undercarriage has undergone a complete overhaul from a closed design to an open-rail and drive-sprocket design. The change makes the undercarriage easier to clean and extends sprocket and bogie life. Rollers don’t require maintenance thanks to mechanical face seals and ASV estimates track life at 1,500 to 2,000 hours.

The RT-75 is powered by a Tier 4 Final 2.8-liter Cummins engine providing 75 horsepower. And though this machine’s predecessor, the Terex PT-80 had 5 more hp, the ASV RT-75 boasts a 13-percent increase in torque to 221 lb.-ft. The engine achieves emissions compliance through a diesel oxidization catalyst requiring no regeneration and no diesel exhaust fluid (DEF).

The engine is accessed through a three-panel hood and tilting cooler arrangement that simplifies routine inspections and maintenance.

ASV notes that in addition to more torque, the RT-75 achieves 22 percent more hydraulic horsepower than the PT-80. The hydraulic system has 35.7 gallons per minute flow and 3,300 psi. The machine uses larger line sizes, hydraulic coolers and direct-drive pumps to transfer flow and pressure directly to the attachment while preventing power loss sometimes seen in belt-driven pumps.

Inside the cab, joystick controls are standard. An all-weather pressurized cab is an available option including heat and air conditioning. A heavy duty customization package is another option and adds guarding around areas such as the lights, AC condenser and rear screen.

The RT-75 can be paired with all standard attachments, such as backhoes, buckets, snow blades, brush cutters and pallet forks.