Putzmeister unveils Bridge Maxx Concrete Transit Mixer line redesigned for reduced weight, easy maintenance

Updated Feb 5, 2016

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Putzmeister displayed at the World of Concrete its newly redesigned Bridge Maxx Concrete Transit Mixer line featuring a reduced weight configuration, open maintenance points and replacement part compatibilities with other lines.

PM WOC20162“Our engineering team has been working hard incorporating changes that the industry is clamoring for,” says Tom McKernan, sales and service director for Putzmeister’s Concrete Transit Mixer Division.

“All of the changes in the redesign were a direct result of customer input. Our Maxx Mixers are now lighter, more durable, and utilize interchangeable replacement parts. This new line of mixers are also ‘mechanic friendly’ by being extra easy to maintain and service.”

He added that the weight reduction was a result of direct response from their customers after asking what they’d like to see in the machines.

“They said ‘We love the durability, we love the fact that it charges fast, discharges beyond anything else in the industry. But can you make it a little bit lighter so we get a little bit improved payload?’

“As a result we dropped the weight of the mixer assembly by 750 pounds. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s almost a quarter yard of concrete. It’s meaningful for the typical producer.”

“Beyond anything else we’ve done, we’ve listened to what the customer wants.”

The company was able to cut the weight by redesigning the trailing axle into on piece, giving it strength in addition to making it lighter. Also helping are simplified subframes that are welded to the chassis, a pneumatic chute pivot brake versus hydraulic and redesigned front and rear pedestals.


Those pedestals also aid in maintenance due to the wider access hole design, which allows an operator to more easily reach the hydraulic lines. Furthering the maintenance improvement are redesigned interchangeable wear parts that “allow for commonality” between Putzmeister and other mixers.

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