Ram unveils Texas Ranger 1500: a concept truck Chuck Norris would give 2 roundhouse kicks up (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Updated Apr 9, 2015
2015 Ram 1500 Texas Ranger Concept truck

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Look, there’s nothing in Ram’s announcement of the Texas Ranger 1500 that explicitly says the truck was designed in honor of the classic 1990s action show “Walker, Texas Ranger”. In fact, the announcement spends most of its time talking about the real Texas Rangers’ long history as one of the proudest law enforcement agencies in the world, and the fact that it calls a state that drives more pickups than any other its home.

But it can’t just be a coincidence that the most famous, albeit fictional, Texas Ranger happened to drive a Ram as well. And he used it to get out of some particularly ridiculous situations, including a Mack truck chase and being blown up by an attack helicopter in the videos below.

Ram’s real intentions for the truck aside, it’s safe to say if Chuck Norris were still blessing us with episodes of “Walker” today, this is the truck he would drive. The central feature of the truck, is that its adorned with a litany of Texas ranger badges. You’ll find them on the front driver and passenger-side fenders, on the tailgate and in the center of each of the truck’s 20-inch aluminum wheels.

Inside the truck you’ll find the badge stitched into all four seat backs and another aluminum badge in the center console. There’s even one in the digital instrument cluster and more in the 8.4-inch touchscreen console. The truck also features four real Mexican five-peso silver coins inlaid in the wooden door panels. The Rangers re-tooled these coins to make their first badges.

The truck comes in a two-tone paint scheme of bright white and bright silver metallic that Ram says is meant to call to mind the bright white hats and iconic badges the Rangers wear. The interior is covered in Canyon brown and tan leather, just like the Laramie Longhorn edition.

Since the truck is a concept, there are no pricing details. However, Ram says that if enough interest is shown in the truck as it tours around Texas, a production run could be given the green light.