Improved Power mode on Komatsu’s new PC360LC-11 excavator lowers cost per ton

Updated Feb 10, 2015

Komatsu PC360LC-11

Komatsu has announced an update to its PC360LC excavator that includes cab improvements and greater productivity.

The PC360LC-11 replaces the -10 and is powered by a Tier 4 Final Komatsu SAA6D114E-6 engine that produces 257 horsepower. The engine uses Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) to reduce emissions. Lower fuel consumption is achieved through an electronic control system which manages airflow, fuel injection combustion parameters and after treatment functions.

A variable geometry turbocharger and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) allow for precise temperature and air management control.

The machine’s operating weight is between 78,645 pounds and 80,547 pounds. It uses a closed center load sensing hydraulic system with a new enhanced power mode Komatsu says reduces cycle times and lowers cost per ton.

Mounted atop viscous isolation dampers, the machine’s cab has low vibration levels. The cab also features a high back, heated air suspension seat with fully adjustable armrests. Komatsu has also added two 12-volt ports and an auxiliary jack input for playing audio from a smartphone or MP3 player.

The operator can choose from six working modes using a 7-inch display. In addition to the view from the standard rearview camera, the screen also displays DEF fluid level, guidance on more efficient operation, operational records and fuel consumption history. Komatsu says optional joysticks are available with proportional controls for attachment operation.

The PC360LC-11 is also equipped with Komatsu’s Equipment Management Monitoring System which monitors critical systems and assists in troubleshooting.