Chevron unveils Delo 400 SD 15W-30 oil, aimed at severe-duty on-and off-highway applications

Marcia Doyle Headshot
Updated Nov 11, 2019

chevron400SDChevron says its Delo 400 SD SAE 15W-30 is a new category of heavy duty engine oil targeted at addressing the effects of the growth of severe-duty applications in both on- and off-highway markets.

The API CJ-4 oil is designed to combat the impact of high temperatures experienced at shutdown and restart in these applications, impacts that include increased oxidation and deposits.

Severe-duty concerns come into play with new fuel-efficient construction equipment that cycle engines from load to no load, using on-board accumulators to store energy. “While this lowers fuel consumption, it can have the same impact as stop-and-go traffic that on-highway trucks experience,” says Jim Gambill, Delo brand manager. In both cases, you have frequent engine shutoffs, which causes heat at shut down and temperature peaks at restart.

“There’s also been a rise of severe duty applications in on-road trucks, particularly with shorter haul lengths, the growth in intermodal delivery and additional stop-and-go patterns,” Gambill says.  Anti-idling measures prompt additional engine shut downs.

While temperature rises are not new to maintenance managers, what is new is the frequency in which they are happening, Gambill says. “This is leading to 30 to 60 percent shorter drain intervals, much more than what we’ve seen historically.”

Chevron says Delo 400 SD 15W-30 offers “exceptional oxidation stability and deposit control.”  The patent-pending product meets engine oil requirements for Kenworth MX, Peterbilt MX, Cummins, Mack and Volvo, and is recommended for use in select engines from Caterpillar, Daimler, Detroit  Diesel and MAN, Chevron says. The oil is backwards compatible with previous oil categories, and with engine models that use XW-30 oils.

Pricing will be comparable to a conventional 15W-40, and less than a 10W-30, Chevron says, and will be carried by O’Reilly Auto Parts stores, most truck stops, and eventually OEM dealers.