4-in-1 trolley from Husqvarna offers tools, power unit and remote control in one compact wheeled unit

Marcia Doyle Headshot
Updated Jan 30, 2014

Husqvarna Prime trolleyHusqvarna’s new Prime product range, which debuted at the World of Concrete show this week, offers four concrete cutting products transported by one trolley carrier, and includes a high-frequency electric power source.

“We think this will change the way concrete is cut,” says Mark Michaels with the company. “A large part of the job is just getting your tools out of the truck and setting up. The actual cutting is sometimes involves only 20 percent of the time.”

The trolley offers a compact transport for four tools, a power unit and a remote control console. According to Michaels, tool users are showing a definite preference for high-frequency electric power over hydraulics. “It’s lighter weight, and you don’t have the potential for leaks that you do with hydraulic power,” he says.

The PP 220 is an air-cooled electric power unit that contains all the electronics and software to power the KTT 6500 handheld power cutter, the K 6500 ring cutter, the WS 220 wall saw and the DM650 drill system. The 22-pound, easily-transportable power unit automatically detects which tool is attached, and up to two tools can be attached simultaneously. A wireless remote control gives information such as power level, operating time, service period and errors. The unit runs off 220-volts or 480 3-phase power.

The Prime tools powered by the PP 220 include:

  • A K 6500 cutter that operates with both 3- and 1-phase power and offers built-in intelligence to ensure optimum power and rpm for each cutting job. Adjustable water flow first starts when the trigger lock-out is activated. The cutter can be used for both wet and dry cutting. The K 6500 Ring cutter weighs 22 pounds, and can cut 10 inches deep.
  • The WS 220 wall saw, capable of sawing through 15-inch thick walls, weighs 42 pounds. The direction of the blade’s rotation can be adjusted by the wireless remote control, allowing water to spray in the desired direction.
  • The DM 650 electric drill motor delivers 8 horsepower on the spindle and has an 18-step adjustable rpm range to ensure the best speed for all drill bit dimensions. Designed for 4-inch to 24-inch core drilling, the drill can be used in jobs involving reinforced concrete, brick and other building materials.