Wacker Neuson’s HIF 690 and HIF 1200 flameless indirect-fired heaters are safe in volatile applications

Updated Sep 20, 2013
Wacker Neuson HIF 1200Wacker Neuson HIF 1200

Provide heat without the danger of combustion with Wacker Neuson Climate Technology’s HIF 690 and HIF 1200 flameless indirect-fired heaters.

Using a diesel engine to generate heat, the heaters completely isolate the flame from the surrounding environment, avoiding combustible mixes created by applications such as oil and gas, underground and aboveground mining and restoration.

Wacker Neuson HIF 690Wacker Neuson HIF 690

The technology works by drawing cool ambient or recirculated air through the body of the heater and then through an exhaust heat exchanger and radiator, and then further across the engine and heat plate. Upon being pushed out through the shear plate oil heat exchanger and then discharged through the outlet duct, the heaters deliver a max air output temperature of 250 degrees Fahrenheit, with a max temperature rise of up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

The HIF 690 can heat up to 1,000,000 cubic feet with a 686,000-Btu per hour max input, delivering up to a 4,000 cfm airflow at a 3.5-inch static pressure. The heater can be equipped with a standard 20-inch or optional dual 12-inch outlet. Powered by a Cummins Tier 4 interim-compliant diesel engine, the HIF 690 can operate for more than 20 hours per tank of fuel.

The HIF 1200 heats spaces up to 1,700,000 cubic feet via a 1,200,000-Btu per hour heat input, and has a standard dual 20-inch-diameter or optional 4-by-13-inch outlet at a 6,500-cfm max airflow at a 4.0-inch static pressure. Powered by a John Deere diesel engine, the HIF 1200 delivers 24 hours on continuous run time via a 210-gallon fuel tank.