Protect your level with a sturdy, DIY case made from PVC for only $15

Updated Sep 11, 2013

PVC level caseReddit user DrBucket2 recently posted a few photos of his new level case. Saying he doesn’t trust his Empire level with a bag or plastic case, DrBucket took a trip to the hardware store and bought a section of PVC wide enough and long enough for his level.

“Empire offers a lifetime warranty on this current series of levels as long as the frame isn’t bent, if the vial ever reads incorrectly and the body of the level is in decent shape, Home Depot and/or Empire will take it back,” he writes. “That’s why I don’t trust the soft bags or thin plastic level cases.”

After buying the PVC, he then threw a few pieces of loose sponge down at the bottom, dropped in his level and capped the pipe on both sides. Voila. A $15 level case that provides what he calls a “perfect fit” and a good deal of piece of mind when he’s traveling with his level. Plus, it only took 15 minutes to put together.

“It’s literally perfect, the fit couldn’t have been better,” DrBucket2 writes. “This level is a tad bit fatter than most other levels so I kind of got lucky that [it] JUST fit so anyone else should have no problems at all, expect for that funky R shaped Stabila level.”

Be sure to check out the rest of DrBucket2’s case photos by clicking here.