Shaka transforms the iPhone into a wind meter

Hero Windmeter 3A startup by the name of Shaka has developed an attachment for the iPhone that allows the increasingly-able smartphone to measure wind speed.

Shaka was originally developed for surfers to measure the wind speed at their favorite spots and share with their friends. But it’s clear that the wind meter attachment could be useful in a variety of applications, including use in the construction industry. The attachment could especially come in handy for crane operators.

The tiny attachment, which resembles a small fan, is easy to use. After plugging Shaka into the iPhone’s headjack, simply open up the Shaka app and tap “Measure.” Once the reading is complete, the wind speed can be plotted to Google Maps and shared with others, such as fellow workers on a job site. 

Measurements are also searchable through the app and can be viewed by location. The Shaka app also keeps a history of your measurements including wind speed, temperature and direction.

Shaka says the attachment will be available soon for around $60. You can sign up to be notified when it goes on sale.