Want more press? Know the editors

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How do you get more press? Here’s my first tip:

Establish relationships with editors. I put this in plural not only because there are a number of construction publications out there, but because each pub usually has several editors on staff. Want to see your products or services mentioned in a magazine? Read it. Know the specialties and responsibilities of the editors you want to reach. For instance, Tom Jackson, our executive editor, calls himself “Tier4Tom” on Twitter. If you’re an engine manufacturer, or have engine-related products, you should be in contact with Tom.

Hang out where editors hang out. Many editors are members of the Construction Writers Association or the landscaping-related Turf and Ornamental Communicators Association. These associations have annual events. Show up, get to know the members, sponsor part of a meeting, and/or offer speakers. All are appreciated.

The depth chartThe depth chart


Trade shows are prime editor sighting events. Ask for a meet-and-greet. Editors get hungry, need caffeine and are rarely teetotalers. But keep in mind these are extremely busy events for us. If you’re not telling us something interesting, our attention span may be short.

If you’re the key marketing person in your company, editors need to know you – and you need to know us.