Weatherford – construction tools and supplies, copper

Location: Weatherford, Aledo and Brock, Texas
Theft Date: March 18, 2009
Value of stolen items: over $50,000

A string of construction thefts was reported during the week of March 20, 2009, in the vicinity of Parker County, Texas. On Monday, March 15, thieves made off with $4,500 heavy-gauge copper wire from an oil field on Bearcat Road in Aledo. A plumber in Brock, Texas, was robbed on March 15 of $20,000 worth of copper water tubing that was being stored in a trailer at a school jobsite. A roofing contractor also reported 5 palettes of pressure-treated plywood as stolen from this location. Investigators believe the suspects used onsite equipment to load this material.
Workers at a third construction site filed reports with the Parker County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday, March 17. Items were reported missing from 5 different construction companies working on the Faith Presbyterian Church jobsite on Bailey Ranch Road in Aledo. A generator, 10 lighting fixtures, a water heater and two ladders were taken from inside the church building. Two gooseneck trailers loaded with materials, power tools, a welder and metal trim were hauled away from this location.