LoJack releases annual study results

LoJack has released the company’s 7th annual Construction Equipment Theft Study. According to the report, equipment theft costs construction companies up to $1 billion a year in lost assets. Organized rings continue to be the number one culprit driving the problem of construction equipment theft.

The report also concluded that construction theft is a local issue — 97 percent of stolen construction equipment recovered was within the same state in which the theft was reported.

The types of equipment most frequently stolen are (in order):

1. Skid Steers
2. Backhoe Loaders/Skip Loaders/Wheel Loaders/Track Loaders
3. Generators/Air Compressors/Welders
4. Light Utility/Work Trucks and Trailers
5. Forklifts/Scissor Lifts
6. Dump Trucks
7. Light Towers
8. Mini Excavators

Based on LoJack’s recovery data, the following are the top states with the highest occurrence of equipment theft:

1. California
2. Florida
3. Texas
4. Arizona
5. Georgia and Nevada
6. Maryland and New Jersey
7. North Carolina
8. New York and Pennsylvania
9. Illinois
10. Colorado and Louisiana