Kubota’s L39 backhoe

With the introduction of its L39 backhoe, Kubota has combined the versatility of an ag/landscaping machine with the ruggedness and high-productivity hydraulics construction contractors require.

A 39-horsepower Kubota engine propels the machine, and a new, more robust, electronically controlled hydraulic Glide Shift transmission gives you 12 forward and eight reverse speeds. The L39’s shuttle shift moves from forward to reverse and back on the go without clutching or braking. This reduces fatigue and improves productivity in repetitive loading tasks.

Delivering 5,825 pounds of excavator bucket breakout force and a lifting capacity of 1,235 pounds, the backhoe has an independent swing pump so you don’t slow down when simultaneously working the bucket, dipper and swing. An inching valve also facilitates precise digging when needed.

The curved-boom design adds mass and strength and digs to a depth of 10 feet. “The curved boom is easier for truck loading. It’s easier to place your spoil in the center of the truck bed,” says Keith Rohrbacker, product manager for construction equipment. “Also you can dig to your maximum trench depth with a shorter trench using the curved boom.”

Hydraulic hoses to the bucket are routed inside the boom and arm, protecting them from damage when digging in a trench or operating close to trees, walls and other obstacles. A quick-coupler bucket set allows you to use the same bucket on five different Kubota machines.
Stabilizer lift cylinder capacity has been increased to get the rear tires higher off the ground during backhoe operations. “It gives you better performance on slopes and soft soils,” Rohrbacker says.

The loader bucket delivers 3,560 pounds of breakout force, 2,000 pounds of lift capacity and a 9-foot-6-inch lift height. Auto-leveling valves keep the bucket (or a pallet fork attachment) horizontal to prevent material spillage or shifting. A sloped front hood and slanted boom give improved visibility to the bucket and work area. Lever-style couplers, like those used on many skid steers, secure and detach the bucket and other attachments. For quick dumping and fast cycle times, simultaneous boom and bucket operation is achieved with a series circuit and a regenerative bucket dump circuit.

The frame for the loader was also beefed up to withstand the rigors of construction operation without the need for bracing.

The backhoe has a four-point quick attach/detach design and comes off without the use of tools. An independent rear PTO can be engaged and disengaged while the machine is in motion so you don’t have to stop to power off mowers and attachments. Weighing just 6,987 pounds, the L39 can be transported with a 3/4-ton pickup truck hauling a 10,000-pound GVW trailer.