Fendt brings 300 Vario Gen4 Series tractors to North American market

Updated Jun 15, 2022
08 21 fendt Vario 300 Series

AGCO has announced that its Fendt 300 Vario Gen4 Series tractors will be available in the North American market.

The Fendt 300 Vario Gen4 Series will debut at the 2021 Farm Progress Show from Aug. 31-Sept. 2, in Decatur, Ill., and also will be featured at select events after the Farm Progress Show. They are available to order through Fendt dealerships for delivery in early 2022. 

The Fendt 300 Vario Gen4 tractors are available in four models ranging from 100 to 142 ECE R120 rated engine horsepower. Fendt says the 300 Gen4 Series tractors offer an outstanding weight-to-power ratio and the agility to handle a wide range of jobs in places larger tractors can’t go. With an unladen weight of just 11,045 lb., the 314 model boasts just over 83 lb., per horsepower. Added ballast can bring the weight up to 18,739 lb., when the work at hand calls for more it. 

These tractors make fast work of residential and municipal snow removal, operating both front and rear attachments, Fendt says. They are designed to handle the continual back and forth of loader work and easily manage tight quarters when stacking hay, cleaning livestock pens and equine facilities and working in specialty crop fields.

“AGCO is focused on providing the solutions our customers need. As we expand the Fendt offering throughout North America, we now have the 300 Gen4 Series tractor for customers who need a smaller tractor with the technology and capabilities only Fendt can deliver,” says David Soliday, AGCO tactical manager for high horsepower tractors. 

The 300 Vario Gen4 Series includes four models: 311 (100 HP), 312 (113 HP), 313 (123 HP) and 314 (132 HP). The Fendt DynamicPerformance (DP) power boost intelligent sensor technology automatically adds 10 HP when it detects excessive auxiliary consumer demand on the 314 model up to 142 HP. This ensures that the 314 will provide maximum drawbar, hydraulic and PTO performance, the company says.

The Vario 300 Gen4 Series includes the 4.4-liter AGCO Power engine that works in unison with the Fendt stepless Vario continuously variable transmission (CVT) for optimum power, fuel efficiency and machine life. 

Fendt adds operator comfort is an important piece of Fendt’s engineering, and the Fendt 300 Vario tractors are no different. All the operator comfort features Fendt is renowned for can be found on the 300 Vario tractors. In addition to front axle suspension, the 300 Gen4 Series tractors are available with either mechanical or pneumatic cab suspension for a comfortable, quiet ride, the company notes.

All tractor functions in the cab are located at the operator’s fingertips. “A multifunction joystick and control buttons are integrated into the armrest, and a 10-inch digital dashboard is built into the steering column,” Soliday says. 

Select Profi+ packages also feature the full FendtONE operator station. The FendtONE cab offers producers more display areas, including a 12-in., touchscreen terminal in the armrest and the option of a second 12-in.., touchscreen terminal that can be stowed halfway into the right side of the cab roof. The company adds FendtONE also brings operators more control options, including a multi-function joystick to operate hydraulics, loader and ISOBUS features; the Pushdial controller used to run the display and cabin controls; and color-coded buttons that are laid out in an arc right at the fingertips. 

“The FendtONE cab allows each operator to customize the tractor to individual preferences for each chore. The buttons are all color-coded to the functions they control – for example, hydraulic buttons are blue,” Soliday says. “And, to give operators more flexibility, white buttons on the control panel and joystick can be programmed to control tractor or implement functions based on the operator’s preference.”

Implement controls are centrally located on the armrest — either in the joystick or integrated into the armrest itself — for easy implement operation. For example, when operating the loader, the operator’s left hand controls the turn and steer functions, while the right hand operates the crossgate lever or 3L joystick for the front loader, Fendt says.

Fendt offers two front loader options. The Fendt Cargo front loader comes in two sizes, the standard 4X75, and the 4X75 compact, which attaches the arm almost 4 in., closer to the cab to increase stability. The Cargo loader offers a semi-automatic attachment lock that features either a quick-release lever or a hydraulic lock, allowing the operator to push a button in the cab during frequent tool changes to easily switch between buckets, bale grabs and more, the company says.

Finally, the Fendt CargoProfi front loader features the latest in smart technology. The loader can weigh its contents with the touch of a button, includes tilt sensors and offers top and bottom limits for lifting height and tipping angles. It also has a memory function that saves positions and makes frequently repeated jobs easier, the company says.