AUGA group introduces hybrid biomethane and electric tractor

AUGA tractor

AUGA group, one of the largest vertically-integrated organic food companies in Europe, has introduced world’s first hybrid biomethane and electric tractor — AUGA M1.

“We are ready to provide consumers around the world with food at no cost to nature. By eating such food, people themselves will make a positive impact on climate change daily. And we are sure that more and more people want to live like this,” says Kęstutis Juščius, CEO, AUGA group.

The company’s patented design allows the tractor to accommodate larger biomethane gas cylinders. The AUGA M1 tractor uses a hybrid biomethane-electric fuel system. When the tractor is running, AUGA says an internal combustion engine powered by biomethane generates energy and transmits it directly to the electric motors that spin the wheels.

When operating under normal conditions that do not require high power, the tractor stores the generated energy reserve in the batteries. Such a system does not waste energy in low load conditions, AUGA says, and uses a relatively small but efficient motor and is able to extract tremendous power when needed. These solutions allow the tractor to work for up to 12 hours, the company adds.

An obstacle to the spread of biomethane-powered tractors is the underdeveloped biomethane refueling station infrastructure. The AUGA group solved this problem by offering quick and convenient gas cartridge replacement.