John Deere 650J Crawler Dozer

The 90-horsepower John Deere 650J dozer provides the finesse needed for finish work and the ability to carry big blade loads.  Hydrostatic drive and infinitely variable travel speeds help complete a precise, yet powerful package equally at home on residential, commercial and landscaping projects.


Built for Superior Productivity

·        Exclusive Total Machine Control (TMC) lets an operator customize ground-speed ranges, steering modulation, FNR shift rate and forward/reverse speed ratios for unsurpassed control

·        Screw-type blade pitch link can be adjusted quickly and easily for top production in varying materials and applications

·        Counter rotation enables the operator to overcome heavy corner loads and quickly reposition the blade on the go

·        Optional Integrated Grade Control (IGC) comes plug and play ready to employ the electronic grade-control system that™s perfect for the job

·        State-of-the-art controls command the full-featured hydrostatic drivetrain and six-way blade, ensuring predictable response at all times, in all conditions

For maximum desired ground speed, the power management system maintains peak engine and power efficiency without stalling or shifting


Enhanced for Operator Comfort

·        Generous hydraulic flow and precise metering deliver a natural feel to the T-bar control that enhances any operator™s grading skills and reduces fatigue

·        Deluxe-suspension armchair adjusts seven ways for daylong comfort and support

·        Single lever, low-effort control for steering, forward/reverse travel and groundspeed

·        Convenient 12-volt port provides power for cell phones and other accessories

·        Cab-forward design positions the operator for a more stable ride with best-in-class visibility for a commanding view behind, below and beyond the blade

·        With air conditioning standard in all cabs, the automotive-type directional vents deliver cool air with quiet efficiency


Engineered for Durability and Easy Maintenance


·        One-piece robot-welded mainframe resists torsional stress, absorbs shock loads, and delivers maximum strength while providing easy service access to major drivetrain components

·        Sealed transmission electrical connectors with gold-plated pins prevent moisture and contaminants from entering terminals, increasing reliability

·        Heavy-duty undercarriage is sealed, lubricated, and built to last

·        Heavy-duty triple-reduction final drives are attached to the mainframe, isolating them from track-imposed shock loads

·        Hinged side shields open wide and provide ground-level access to batteries, master electrical switch, cold-weather-start aid, and vertical transmission, hydraulic and fuel filters

Serpentine belt never needs adjusting and 500-hour service interval provides longer time between engine oil changes.