Bobcat: First compact track loader steel track undercarriage

Responding to requests for a compact track loader with a track capable of taking more abuse in abrasive environments, Bobcat introduced the first all-steel track option for these machines at the show. Designed for niche applications, the steel undercarriage works best in applications that could damage rubber or rubber-reinforced steel tracks. Here’s the scoop:

Bobcat Company, the leading innovator in compact equipment, introduces the first all-steel track option for compact track loaders. The steel track option is similar to the tracks used on bulldozers. Customers who work exclusively in earthmoving or abrasive environments, such as demolition or forestry, will experience increased pushing force and longer life out of the undercarriage.


The steel track undercarriage is best suited to contractors working in conditions where rubber or rubber-reinforced steel tracks could become damaged. For instance, the jagged edges of concrete and rebar that demolition contractors encounter and the sharp tree branches forestry contractors come in contact with can quickly wear down or damage rubber tracks. With steel tracks, these customers reduce the potential for downtime.


The steel track undercarriage is also recommended for earthmoving contractors because the steel tracks increase the traction of the compact loader. By increasing traction, the operator can move more material in less time.


Unlike dozers, compact track loaders are not dedicated to one task. Through the use of attachments, compact track loaders become multifunctional machines and are a good option for contractors looking to lower their fleet overhead by using a single machine to perform many tasks.


The new Bobcat® steel track undercarriage is available on the Bobcat T250, T300 and T320 compact track loaders.


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