Deere backhoes deliver precise control

John Deere’s new 410H backhoe offers Total Machine Control, which integrates the control of every system in the machine, including the engine, transmission, hydraulics and brakes. With cycle times estimated to be 10 to 30 percent faster than previous models, the machine offers three-speed hydraulics that let you choose between three dig speeds. When the machine is started up, it will dig at exactly the same speed as a current 410G will dig, set for general trenching tasks. Select the fast mode, and the 410H will dig 30 percent faster than the 410G on jobs such as bailing dirt; select the slow mode and the machine will dig 20 percent slower than the previous model, ideal for tasks such a craning loads. The loader end now has a toolcarrier option, including parallel-lift linkage. Deere will start producing the 410H this fall. Also new from Deere: 844J wheel loader, D-Series motor graders and 700J crawler dozer