Genesis demolition attachments get automatic Steelwrist tiltrotator interface

Marcia Doyle Headshot
Updated May 17, 2019
Steelwrist SQ-type quick coupler.Steelwrist SQ-type quick coupler.

Tiltrotator manufacturer Steelwrist has signed a cooperative agreement with Genesis Attachments to supply fully automatic attachment interfaces from the factory. Genesis will now offer demolition attachments with Steelwrist’s SQ-type adaptor plates direct from the factory.

The move increases productivity and reduces downtime for end users, Steelwrist says, since the interface between work tools and adaptor plates can now have optimized hose routings.

“We will now be able to supply our dealers and users with tailor-made, fully automatic solutions, and our dealers can focus on giving end customers even better field support,” says Jeff Adams, vice president and managing director, Genesis.

Under the agreement, Genesis may also offer its demolition tools with an SQ interface on a global basis. The Steelwrist SQ system follows the global S-type industrial standard with the addition of fully automatic couplers, Steelwrist says.

Steelwrist calls itself “the fastest growing manufacturer of tiltrotators in the world.” Genesis Attachments, based in Superior, Wisconsin, manufactures sheers, grapples, concrete processors and specialty attachments for the scrap processing, demolition, material handling and offshore decommissioning industries.