JLG offers website to prepare customers for future aerial lift standards

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Updated Dec 25, 2017
JLG’s 450AJ aerial liftJLG’s 450AJ aerial lift

JLG is providing resource materials on its website to educate customers about proposed new standards for aerial work platforms.

The proposed American National Standards Institute standards, known as ANSI A92, would affect machine design, training and safety and lead to changes for manufacturers, equipment dealers, rental shops and contractors.

JLG says it expects the standards to be published in early 2018. After they are published, manufacturers of aerial work platforms – which will be called mobile elevating work platforms, or MEWPs, under the new standards – must incorporate the new ANSI standards into the machine’s design.

The design changes include automatic shutoff when a platform exceeds capacity, as well as addressing wind effect on load and automatically halting operations if the machine, when on uneven terrain, begins to tilt beyond its rated angle.

JLG is offering ANSI A92 resources here. They include:

  • A downloadable guide to the standards. The guide also includes the Canadian standards, CSA B354, which have already been published but await approval by all of the country’s provinces.
  • Alerts to new developments that could affect equipment and training processes.
  • New terminology and classifications for MEWPs.
  • A list of training opportunities on the standards.

The standards will only affect machines built after ANSI A92 takes effect. Previously built machines will be grandfathered.

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