Thunder Creek makes V&H Trucks its construction market dealer for Wisconsin

Updated Sep 14, 2016
Thunder Creek’s FST 990 trailerThunder Creek’s FST 990 trailer

Fuel and service trailer manufacturer Thunder Creek Equipment has named V&H Trucks Incorporated as its construction market dealer for Wisconsin.

V&H will sell and service the full line of the Iowa-based manufacturer’s DEF and service products, including multi-tank trailers and service and lube trailers.

“As demand for our newest construction products has increased, we searched for a strong partner in Wisconsin with a background in related industries who understood the importance of streamlined fuel delivery, DEF handling and field maintenance,” says Thunder Creek General Manager Jim Hogan. “With its comprehensive experience in everything related to work trucks and trailers, and specifying the right solutions based on each application, V&H Trucks stood out as a partner for us.”

V&H Trucks is based in Marshfield, Wisconsin, and serves customers in general construction, logging, waste, mining, railroad and oil and gas industries.

“Thunder Creek is a great American-made product line with a strong focus on quality and the practical application of fluids and service items in the field,” says Steve Biechler, V&H Trucks general manager for truck operations. “As the demand for DEF continues to grow in construction equipment fleets, we believe they have an industry-best solution for handling, dispensing and controlling quality of that product. We’re proud to partner with them in Wisconsin.”