JLG’s New 1075 Telehandler Is One of the Tallest and Longest in Its Class

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Updated Feb 25, 2021

When you want the reach of a crane but not the expense, JLG recommends its new 1075 telehandler.

The 1075 telehandler can reach 75 feet high, or eight stories, with up to 6,000 pounds of material.

The telehandler’s reach is also lengthy, at 60 feet with up to a ton. It ranks as one of the tallest and longest-reaching telehandlers in the 10,000-pound-capacity class.

“The ability to deliver 2,100 pounds at 60 feet forward means operators can place materials far inside buildings actually where the work is being done,” said John Boehme, senior product manager for telehandlers, at this year’s ConExpo unveiling. “That reduces material rehandling, the need to move it again and again until you move it to where the work is.”

That reduced material rehandling and the ability for precise placement also leads to cost-savings, he said.

“With the 75-foot boom, it can deliver materials and equipment well beyond the roof edge,” he added. “So we can precision-place heavy materials and items such as an HVAC unit safely and productively.”

The 1075 weighs in at 43,600 pounds, meaning it does not require special permits for transport. It has an up-and-over reach of 30 feet. JLG says it is geared toward such uses as building construction and demolition.

JLG 1075 telehandlerIt delivers a tight turning radius of about 13 feet, Boehme said. A two-way, right-side-view camera system comes standard.

Contractors can opt for JLG’s SmartLoad technology, a three-part system designed to prevent overloading. One part of the system, the load stability indicator, comes standard on the 1075. It limits operation when the load nears max capacity.

Automatic attachment recognition, also part of SmartLoad, displays the load chart for the attachment being used on the telehandler’s display screen. The third part of the system, load management indicator, then shows the location of the load graphically on the load chart instantly. If a load is too heavy, red shows on the display and on an external indicator.

JLG also gave the 1075 an optional remote-control boom. That allows the operator to operate the telehandler outside the cab at height, eliminating the need for an additional worker where the material is being placed.

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JLG 1075 telehandlerThe 1075 accepts a variety of attachments, including JLG’s new sheet material handling tool for removing and placing drywall, plywood and other sheet materials.

The telehandler runs on a 160-horsepower Cummins Tier 4 Final engine and can reach max speed of 17 mph. 

Quick Specs

Max capacity: 10,000 pounds

Max lift height: 75 feet

Max reach: 60 feet

Capacity at max lift height: 6,000 pounds

Capacity at max reach: 2,100 pounds

Max lift speed: 26 seconds

Max lower speed: 22 seconds

Max telescope-in speed: 22 seconds

Max telescope-out speed: 30 seconds

Ground clearance: 1’ 5”

Height: 10’

Length: 24’ 1”

Width: 8’ 2”