Bobcat Packed Enough Power Into the New E60 To Replace 2 Excavators

Updated Jan 11, 2021

Bobcat is continuing the rollout of its new R2 Series excavators with the introduction of the new E60. Designed to replace both the E55 and E63 from the previous generation, the E60 is a 5.5 metric ton machine that packs more power, more performance and easier maintenance. We’ve got all the details in our latest video overview. Check it out.

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Episode Chapters

0:00 Intro

0:28 How the E60 Fits in the Bobcat Lineup and What it Replaces

1:45 Specs

2:16 More Power in a Smaller Machine

2:51 New Engine

4:14 New Cooling System

4:52 Improved Over-the-Side Performance

5:52 Hydraulic Clamp Diverter

6:30 Redesigned Cab

7:05 Available In-Cab Displays

8:08 A Very Durable Touchscreen

9:20 More Maintenance Details