Tilting, fully rotating Merlo R70 telehandlers give you just the right view

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Updated Nov 14, 2020
Merlo R70.24 S PlusMerlo R70.24 S Plus

Merlo has introduced its R70 rotating telehandlers to the U.S. market. The compact machines from the Italian manufacturer boast lift heights of 80 to 91 feet and a capacity of 15,400 pounds.

The R70.24 S Plus and the R70.28 S Plus feature a 20-degree tilt cab designed to give the operator a continuous view of the boom and its load. The operator also has a 360-degree view with 46 square feet of glass windows, and the turret rotates 360 degrees for precise load placement, the company says.

The cab is mounted on silent blocks to reduce noise and vibration. Operators can attach and detach tools hydraulically without leaving the cab with the Tac-lock system.

The telehandlers run on a 170-horsepower Iveco Tier 4 Final diesel engine and can travel 25 mph. They feature hydrostatic transmissions with electronic Eco Power Drive control and three steering modes.

Merlo R70.28 S PlusMerlo R70.28 S Plus

The automatic Advanced Safety System displays on an LCD screen the machines’ parameters in real time, such as stabilizer position, boom extension angle, turret position, carriage rotation, load position and weight. An active suspension system automatically stabilizes the machines’ position on uneven terrain, the company says.

The telehandlers are controlled by joysticks and touchscreen. A multifunction armrest controls suspension and stabilizer placement. Four independent stabilizers can be individually deployed. They also retract tightly to keep a small footprint when working in tight places.

Other features include high-power, dynamic braking that keeps the machines in position even on steep slopes, the company says.

The Merlo machines are imported and distributed by Applied Machinery Sales of Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Quick specs

R70.24 S Plus
Unladed weight: 43,210 pounds
Max. load cap: 15,430 pounds
Lift height: 80 feet
Max. reach: 67 feet
Max. load at max reach: 2,000 pounds
Footprint: 24’ 3” x 8’ 2”
Footprint with stabilizers: 17’ 3” x 7’ 11”

R70.28 S Plus
Unladed weight: 50,706 pounds
Max. load cap: 15,430 pounds
Lift height: 91 feet
Maximum reach: 78 feet
Max. load at max reach: 1,800 pounds
Footprint: 27’ 3” x 8’ 2”
Footprint with stabilizers: 20’ 8” x 10’ 10”