Premier stump planer auger promises cleaner, quieter stump grinding

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Updated Feb 19, 2020

Premier Stump Planer

Premier Attachments’ stump planer auger is designed to safely grind stumps without mess and noise.

The auger is available in 12- or 16-inch diameter. The company recommends the 12-inch size for standard-flow drive units and the 16-inch for one of the company’s high-torque drive units. Both will also work on Premier’s two-speed drive units.

The attachment can be used on compact utility loaders, skid steers, compact track loaders, tractors, backhoes and excavators.

A .75-inch flighting helps remove shavings from the cutting edges. The cutting edges can be removed and sharpened. The spiral center point is designed to pull the stump planer into the stump, so little downward pressure is needed. The center point can also be replaced.

Check out a couple videos of this attachment in stump-grinding action below.

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