Volvo intros EC750E HR excavator with 118-foot reach for tall demolition jobs

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Updated Apr 14, 2019
Volvo’s EC750E HR High Reach Crawler ExcavatorVolvo’s EC750E HR High Reach Crawler Excavator

Volvo Construction Equipment’s new EC750E HR is designed for heavy-duty demolition, with a pin height of 118 feet.

The new excavator is based on the EC750E but as a high-reach version—hence the “HR” in its name—for demolishing tall buildings and other applications where high reach is needed. It is the company’s largest high-reach excavator model in North America.

Volvo also designed the machine for versatility with extensions and different boom settings, so it can be used for standard digging operations when the additional reach is not needed. It has a max digging depth of 32.8 feet.

For added stability in high-reach demolition tasks, Volvo engineered a heavier undercarriage that is 1 foot 9 inches longer and 2 feet 10 inches wider than the EC750E. The hydraulically extendable undercarriage also provides the operator with a 360-degree operating range.

Another feature to benefit the operator is a cab that tilts as much as 30 degrees upward to give a better view of high demolition work. In-cab cameras also enhance the jobsite view. The cab is covered by a cage-like guard for protection against falling objects.

The company says it made it easier to switch from high-reach to other operational boom configurations, able to be handled by one person in less than an hour. A hydraulic modular joint uses a two-pin hydraulic lock mechanism to release digging equipment and change between high-reach and backhoe configurations, the company says. The boom can also be configured three ways: straight-straight for high reach, straight-bent for better center of gravity for extended forward reach, and bent-bent for digging.

Two-pin hydraulic lock mechanismTwo-pin hydraulic lock mechanism

The excavator is powered by a Volvo Tier 4 Final engine that delivers 381 horsepower at 1,800 rpm. The machine has an operating weight of 227,138 pounds.

The hydraulic undercarriage makes it easier to remove the track frames and for transporting the excavator. The counterweight can also be removed in one movement.

At the max 118-foot pin height, the excavator can handle an attachment weighing up to 8,000 pounds. It can handle up to an 11,000-pound tool at 85 feet.

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Maximum pin reach is 73 feet. The digging boom set with a 14.4-foot extension allows for a 59-foot pin height.

The excavator can be equipped with Volvo’s ActiveCare Direct telematics and monitoring system and has a lifetime frame and structure warranty.

To watch a video of the EC750E HR in action, see below: