This Cat excavator makes its living digging at the bottom of the ocean

Updated Mar 6, 2019

Caterpillar Excavator Underwater

We’ve posted plenty of videos of folks trying to rescue excavators from the watery depths, but this is the first we’ve seen an outfit content with letting a machine sink.

That’s because this excavator is right where it’s meant to be, digging trenches on the ocean floor. It’s unclear exactly what kind of project this excavator is working on, be it pipeline, fiber or something else, but judging by all the aquatic plant life all over the body of the machine, it has been a sea dwelling digger for some time.

And as far as the mechanics of this go, based on a few quick Google searches and a perusal of the comments on the videos below, it’s possible that this machine has had its engine removed entirely is having its hydraulic fluid pumped in from the surface.