Excavator falls from dirt face, operator rides it like a surfboard

Updated Jul 19, 2018

Judging by this incident alone, this guy may have more of a future in surfing than he does in heavy equipment operation.

In the video below, an excavator is perched in a less than secure spot near the top of a dirt face. The soil beneath the machine suddenly gives way, sending the machine and operator tumbling on a ride down the face.

At about the 49 second mark, as the excavator begins going sideways, you see the operator pop out of the cab and plant his feet on the frame of the access door. As the machine continues its roll, he balances in a surfing-like stance as long as he can until the machine’s momentum throws him forward and to the other side of the frame. He almost falls back inside the cab but is able to cling to the machine’s frame until the machine comes to a rest on its side.

Check out the video below.