Crane tumbles despite loader’s help with unwieldy load

Updated Aug 18, 2017

Screen Shot 2017 08 03 At 12 17 49 Pm

Thanks to the wonders of internet video, we’ve seen a lot of terrible ideas involving heavy equipment on this here website. But this one just might be the worst offender of all. (Well, maybe except for this one.)

In the video below, an all-terrain crane is lifting a large billboard in place for mounting. And with this clip, the stupid begins right at the top.

At the spot the video begins, the machine’s back wheels are already completely off the ground. But it’s ok! These geniuses have strategically placed a loader beneath the back wheels of the crane to provide support via an extended bucket.

But in a shocking twist, the bucket is unable to keep the crane’s back end steady and eventually it tumbles forward, sending the crane and that billboard right on top of a nearby structure.