Expert excavator operator makes quick work of mat bridge over small creek

Updated May 20, 2017

Screen Shot 2017 05 10 At 12 07 40 Pm

While some might argue the below video is short on action, sometimes it’s just fun to watch an expert operator handle a task with smooth precision. And that’s exactly what you’re looking at here.

You might immediately recognize the star of this video as Chris Guins, aka letsdig18, from his many other great YouTube videos. According to the video’s description, Guins needed to cross a small creek in order to make a clearing for sewer easement. So, he grabs a couple oak crane mats, quickly makes a bridge, and rolls on across.

Again, nothing particularly show-stopping about that. But notice how few movements Guins has to make with the excavator to accomplish the task. Simply put, the machine moves like an extension of his arm. Great operators have a way of making their machines look alive. Guins is no exception.

Check out the video below and spend some of your day getting lost in his YouTube channel. You won’t regret it.