Suspended from crane, Bobcat demos concrete beneath tracks

Updated Jul 7, 2017

Crane Ctl Demo

Here’s another jobsite video that’s beginning to float around the internet a bit. In it, the operator of a Bobcat compact track loader is suspended above a building by a crane while demoing concrete below. With a few hits of the machine’s hammer attachment the concrete soon crashes below as the Bobcat floats safely above a fresh hole.

Most of the copies of this video we’ve seen floating around show just the 30-second clip of the concrete falling. But another clip, since removed from YouTube and running about 90 seconds, showed that there appears to have been some nerves surrounding this risky operation.

In that video, you can hear the crane operator yelling at the guy in the Bobcat “Don’t try to push it, you’ll make the crane rock. Just use the jackhammer.” The Bobcat operator replies, “I can’t reach it,” t0 which the crane operator says “I’ll get you to it.”