Excavator punches and crushes a Kia Soul to a slow, painful death

Updated Mar 6, 2015

Excavator punches Soul

This is an effectively therapeutic video.

Now, I’m not sure what this poor Kia Soul did to incur this excavator operator’s wrath, but one thing is for sure: this is thorough destruction. After the first few punches of the machine’s bucket you think, “Well that was fun, but the car is flat so I guess he’s about don—” Wrong. This guy is far from done. In fact, he won’t be satisfied until this fairly-priced-and-pretty-fuel-efficient-for-the-amount-of-cargo-space-it-offers Soul is reduced to an unrecognizable heap of metal and plastic bits.

So, take it in. Let any frustrations or aggression you’ve let pile up over the last week flow through this operator. Feel better? Thought so.