Excavator water skiing the best way to cool off, get hurt in a mudhole this summer

Updated Aug 12, 2014

Excavator water skiing

There’s nothing better on hot summer days than taking a dip in a pool or heading down to the lake or river for some quality floating on an inner tube. The more adventurous of us prefer water sports such as jet skiing or water skiing.

And then there are others. This is a far more industrious bunch whose enthusiasm to combine the ideas of “cool” and “cool off” cannot be abated by questions like “Is this safe?” or “Could this kill me?” These are the folks who have invented excavator water skiing and uploaded their exploits to the Internet.

We’ve got two videos below and they’re both special in their own ways. The first features a cool customer who’s got the whole situation under control. His water skiing skills are such that not only can he handle being whipped around in a circle by a piece of heavy equipment but also glide with little effort safely back to shore. In the second video though we see the true potential of the sport tapped. Not content with simply swinging riders around, this particular operator lifts the machine’s bucket high into the air and accelerates the spin, sending the first rider, limbs extended and flailing, about 10 feet above a mudhole containing what looks to be about five feet of water. Watch the vidaeos below and of course, don’t try this at home.