Caterpillar viral video star and in-house operator Ryan Neal answers your questions

Updated Jun 20, 2014

As a Senior Demonstrator Instructor at Caterpillar, Ryan Neal travels the world teaching the company’s customers how to use those iconic yellow machines to get the most productivity out of them.

To get that kind of job you have to have a lot of talent and Neal recently put his skills on display in a string of Cat-produced videos meant to their Cat machines to the test. They’ve since garnered millions of clicks on YouTube.

We interviewed Ryan last month and shared his story, from small Central Illinois town to in-house operator at Cat. And we asked you all to submit any questions you might have for him. On Facebook, Twitter and in comments to the site you submitted questions and Ryan has answered them all in the video above.

Check out the video above and if you haven’t read the original interview with Ryan, you can see that by clicking here.