The ConExpo 2014 Experience: Tour the largest heavy equipment show in North America

Updated Mar 27, 2014

ConExpo 2014 Silver Lot

In the weeks since we were in the middle of ConExpo 2014, we’ve had some time to go through all of our coverage and all of the video we shot during our stay and compile a video that we feel sums up the experience of the largest trade show in North America. There’s a bit of everything: Google Glass, excavator basketball, a remote control excavator, dancing machines and more. You can watch the video below.

By the way, if you missed any of our coverage, click here to visit the ConExpo 2014 hub of our website. There you’ll find articles on all the new equipment released at the show, more videos and photo galleries.

[youtube 6gwhCKhg-s0 nolink]