Low-clearance trestle rips up truck after truck like a can opener

Updated Nov 11, 2013

11foot8.com crash compilationAnd people wonder why bridges are crumbling in the U.S.?

The video below is a compilation put together by the site 11foot8.com and shows truck after truck after truck crashing into the same train trestle in Durham, North Carolina with a clearance of 11 feet, 8 inches.

In fact, despite flashing lights and a sign warning of the trestle’s clearance, truck drivers—especially those driving rental trucks—think they can squeeze in. The result is an extremely entertaining video. To limit the severity of all the impacts, the railroad company had to install a crash beam on the trestle. The owner of the site, JĂĽrgen Henn, set up a camera in 2008 and has been recording every crash since then. Check out the video below.

[youtube xzkWTcDZFH0 nolink]