Excavator demos brick chimney while hanging from a crane

Updated Sep 29, 2013

The Flying ExcavatorWe’d say we’ve seen crazier things…but nothing’s really coming to mind in light of this. Titled “Der fliegende Bagger,” or “The Flying Excavator”, this is a video of a few crazy Germans demoing what looks like a brick chimney with a mini excavator… all while hanging from a crane. If there’s a better Darwin Award candidate, we haven’t seen one. The number of OSHA violations this would constitute is beyond our count at the moment. It goes without saying, but don’t try this at home folks.

Why not just use a wrecking ball? In fact, it’d probably be safer to use the excavator as a wrecking ball than doing this.

[youtube WIFHJoAMnuA nolink]