Guided artillery shells obliterate helicopters, a forklift and several cars

Updated Aug 5, 2013

Excalibur IbLog this one away in the “Friday Fun File,” because there’s no other reason to be posting this other than it’s just plain awesome. Via Jalopnik, he video below shows the Raytheon company’s extremely accurate Excalibur Ib artillery shell turning lots of different vehicles and equipment into dust.

The Excalibur is GPS-guided, giving it deadly precision. Literally. The average miss in the video below was about 4 feet. And there aren’t many misses. The shells move pretty quickly, so in order to show off their power things have been slowed down with glorious slo-mo.

This little show is quite expensive though. Apparently, each Excalibur round costs about $53,620. Watch the video below.

[youtube BgGT0EhKUoQ nolink]