New Engine, Loaded with Tech: Volvo Rolls Out L110H, L120H Wheel Loaders

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Updated Jun 13, 2024
Volvo L120H Wheel Loader digging in pile
Volvo's new L120H wheel loader
Volvo Construction Equipment

Volvo has overhauled its popular workhorse wheel loaders, the 20-ton L110H and L120H, with a new engine and other features designed to speed up productivity and make life easier for operators, thanks to a variety of standard technology.

The midsize wheel loaders get Volvo’s new D8M 8-liter engine, which features automatic regeneration, similar to the company’s large loaders. That means it automatically burns off soot to prevent the diesel particulate filter from clogging, so the operator doesn’t have to stop work.

The L110H runs on a 256-horsepower engine, and the L120H gets 272 horsepower. Bucket sizes range from 3.2 to 12.4 cubic yards.

They will be built in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, and will be available this summer, the company says.

Loaded with Tech

volvo co-pilot tablet view L120H wheel loaderVolvo's new 12-inch Co-Pilot tabletVolvo Construction EquipmentAs for standard technology, the loaders are the first to get Volvo’s newest Co-Pilot tablet – now 12 inches – with a larger high-resolution screen. The tablet, which runs on Android 12 and has Bluetooth and WiFi in-cab connectivity, governs functions such as:

  • On-Board Weighing – automatically tells you how much you’re loading with each bucketful.  
  • Integrated rearview collision prevention – a high-definition rearview camera is combined with radar to deliver visual and audible alerts when nearing obstacles.
  • Operator Coaching – shows operators how to use the loader’s smart functions to boost productivity, as well as set target goals for improving technique.
  • Hands-free calling.
  • Tire-Pressure Monitoring System – keep tabs on tire condition without leaving the cab.
  • Apps – Like a smartphone, the tablet has pre-installed apps, such as Calculator, Notes and Weather. It also has an integrated radio. Operators can customize the home screen for apps and settings.
  • Automatic over-the-air software updates.

More Features for Operators

Volvo l110h wheel loader with dump truckVolvo's new L110HVolvo Construction EquipmentOperators will also no longer have to manually pump the fuel system for priming, as that is now taken care of by a new electric pump. New captive fuel filters keep the diesel clear of water and other impurities, extending service intervals up to 1,000 hours, the company says.

The loaders also have a new ignition that automatically takes care of turning the ground-level main switch on and off, so no need to worry if someone forgot to turn off the main switch, causing the battery to drain overnight. A lockout-tagout system enables the technician to lock the battery-disconnect switch to off.

Volvo wheel loader interiorVolvo Construction EquipmentOther features include:

  • Reverse By Braking – slows the loader when the operator wants to change direction by reducing rpms and automatically applying the service brakes.
  • OptiShift – for increased efficiency and fuel economy by combing Reverse By Braking and a torque converter with lock-up.
  • Eco Pedal – applies a mechanical pushback force in response to excess use of the accelerator for more economical operation.
  • Comfort Drive Control – an optional smart function that lets the operator steer the loader by a small lever.
  • Torque Parallel linkage – provides high breakout torque and parallel movement throughout lifting for stability during loading and carrying and easier bucket filling. 
  • ActiveCare Direct telematics.

To watch the loaders in action, check out the Volvo video below:

Quick Specs


  • Operating weight: 39,680-45,635 lbs.
  • Max power: 256 hp @1,800 rpm
  • Static tipping load at full turn: 24,720 lbs.
  • Bucket capacity: 3.4-12.4 cu. yd.
  • Breakout force: 36,210 lbf
  • Max torque: 922 lbf @ 1,450 rpm


  • Operating weight: 45,635-47,620 lbs.
  • Max power: 272 hp @1,500 rpm
  • Static tipping load at full turn: 27,120 lbs.
  • Bucket capacity: 3.4-12.4 cu. yd.
  • Breakout force: 39,010 lbf
  • Max torque: 996 lbf @ 1,350 rpm