Video: A Closer Look at Komatsu’s Long-Undercarriage Excavator

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Komatsu brought out its newest excavators at its recent Demo Days event, including the PC130LC-11, a long-undercarriage version of the standard midsize machine.

In the video above, we get a closer look at the LC model’s features and see it in action on a walkaround tour with product manager Nathaniel Waldschmidt.

The first thing you notice is the track length. It’s been increased by 8% for 20% more lift capacity, as well as enhanced stability. The LC version has 46 shoes on each side, up from 43 on the standard model; two carrier rollers on each side, up from one; and eight track rollers on each side, up from seven.

The LC model also gains some weight over the standard PC130 by about 400 pounds. That puts total operating weigh at about 29,000 pounds, depending on how it’s configured.

The excavator also gets standard LED lights on both sides of the boom instead of only one side for increased visibility.

Most of the other specs on the LC model are similar to the standard PC130-11. That includes the 97.2-horsepower Komatsu engine. Both models deliver a 12% reduction in fuel use over the discontinued previous model, the PC130-8, and have standard auto-idle shutdown for increased fuel efficiency.

The PC130-11s feature steel castings in the boom foot, boom nose and arm tip to help spread working loads away from high-stress areas. A large one-piece hood opens to ground-level grease points, engine oil and fuel filters.

Other standard equipment on the PC130LC-11 include: automatic A/C, 7-inch high-resolution LCD monitor, rearview monitor system, suspension seat, AM/FM radio with aux, USB and Bluetooth wireless technology, floor mat, intermittent front windshield wiper and washer, large ceiling hatch, pull-up front window, removable lower windshield.

Quick Specs

  • Engine: Komatsu 97.2 hp at 2,050 rpm
  • Operating weight: 28,440-29,010 lbs.
  • Bucket capacity: 0.34-0.78 cu. yds.
  • Max hydraulic flow: 64 gpm
  • Max drawbar pull: 27,560 lb.-ft.
  • Max travel speed: 3.4 mph
  • In-cab sound level: 71 dB(A)

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