Morooka Intros World’s Largest Rotating Crawler Dumper to U.S. (Video)

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Morooka MST-4000VDR rotating crawler carrier front view in parking lot
The dump bed on Morooka's MST-4000VDR can rotate while the crawler carrier moves, and it can drive forward when it is facing 180 degrees from its original forward position.

Morooka’s MST-4000VDR, the company's largest rotating crawler carrier, is now available in the U.S.

Made in Japan, the rubber-track carrier boasts 44,092 pounds of capacity for hauling and dumping materials. That makes it “the world’s largest full-rotation carrier dump,” the company says. The dump bed rotates a full 360 degrees, and it can be operated forward after turning 180 degrees.

The crawler carrier is designed to go places that would be difficult for a dump truck, gaining extra traction in rough terrain with its tracks, exerting much less pressure on sensitive ground, and being able to swing the bed into position for loading and dumping. Morooka says it can operate on steep, mountainous, wet, soft or normal ground.

Morooka MST-4000VDR rotating crawler carrier view from above in mud hauling rockMorookaThe 4000VDR runs on a 416-horsepower Cat C9.3 engine paired with hydrostatic transmission and can reach travel speeds up to 7.2 mph. It meets European Union Stage V emissions standards, which also comply with U.S. Tier 4 Final. The carrier’s tracks are 33.5 inches wide, and the undercarriage has 2 feet of ground clearance.

Morooka unveiled the large carrier in a video in 2020. (Check out the video at the end of this story.) It has been produced in Japan and is now entering the U.S. market, the company says. That same year, Morooka introduced the largest U.S.-built rotating crawler dumper, the MST-3000VDR.

The 4000VDR weighs 54,895 pounds. It is 22 feet 4 inches long, 10.5 feet wide and has a height of 11 feet 2 inches. The dump bed’s dimensions are 12.5 feet long and 9 feet 4 inches wide.

It exerts ground pressure of 6.57 psi when empty.

Morooka MST-4000VDR rotating crawler carrier side view in parking lotMorookaMorooka says the 4000VDR can climb steep, muddy hills even when loaded. The bottom of the dump body is made of Hardox steel.

It is controlled by left and right joysticks positioned in front of the seat’s armrests. The left joystick controls travel, and the right controls the bed’s rotation and dump. The controls are also designed to reduce operator fatigue due to their easy, intuitive operation, the company says.

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The carriers are made to order.

To see the MST-4000VDR in action, check out this video from Morooka below: