Bobcat Rolls Out Its First Light Compaction Line

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Updated Nov 4, 2022
Bobcat FP15.50 Forward Plate Compactor
Bobcat's light compaction line of machines are viable for use in many commercial and industrial applications.

Bobcat Company has expanded into light compaction equipment with the launch of nine new machines for contractors in construction, roadwork and landscaping.

“Bobcat’s light compaction equipment was created for jobs in small spaces, requiring efficient compaction with an emphasis on operator comfort,” said Travis Kidder, senior product specialist for Bobcat. “Across any of your light compaction needs, we've got a product that'll fit it.” 

The full range of Bobcat light compaction products includes rammers, forward plate compactors, reversible plate compactors and trench rollers. This light compaction line can be used in a variety of applications and is intended to meet compaction requirements on nearly all jobsites. 

Kidder noted that each machine has different strengths, including maneuverability, power and fuel efficiency. 

This new lineup is expected to be simple to operate and easy to maintain. All the machines except the trench roller come with an optional vibration-activated hour meter to monitor work hours and give notice for timely maintenance. To move the machine around the jobsite, there are optional transport wheels that can be used without the need for tools. You unhook the latch to place the wheels into position and go.

Here's a look at the new lineup:

Bobcat R68P rammerWith a distinct balance, the Bobcat rammers are able to direct compaction power on target.Bobcat


Bobcat rammers, the R60P and the R68P, are designed for precise compaction in small areas or areas hard to reach with larger compaction equipment. With a low center of gravity, Kidder said, the Bobcat rammers provide the balance that directs the machines' compaction power in the targeted surface area.

Isolators are connected to the operator's handle to absorb vibration. In addition, Kidder said, the handle is adjustable and designed to provide a direct line of sight to the foot of the rammer.

The double air filtration system, with the optional cyclone pre-filter, helps extend the life of the engine. An optional visual indicator tells operators when the air filters need to be replaced. Other maintenance points are designed to be quick and easy to access. Fluid indicators are in clear view, and service points are accessible with no tools. 

Quick specs

  • Engine: 3.7 hp Honda GXR 120
  • Weight: 132 or 150 pounds
  • Height: 40 inches
  • Centrifugal Force 2,585 or 2,923 lbf
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Bobcat FP15.50 forward plate compactorAn optional toolless rubber mat is available with models to operate the plate compactors on paving stones without cracking or chipping the surface.Bobcat

Forward plate compactors 

Equipped with Honda engines, Bobcat’s forward plate compactors (models FP10.33, FP15.40, and FP15.50) offer low fuel consumption while still performing at a high level in a variety of applications with easy maneuverability. 

Kidder said the forward plate compactors come standard with a fixed water tank and sprinkler system to help control dust and keep vibratory base plates free of material buildup. The water tank is lightweight and can be removed without any tools for refills. 

Also, he said a toolless mat is an option available with models FP15.40 and FP15.50, to operate the plate compactor on paving stones without cracking or chipping the surface.

He noted that a tubular frame surrounds the engine and protects the key components of the engine. Similarly, the one-piece cast, water-resistant base plate has no connection points to weaken over time and it is thicker in the rear where most wear occurs. 

 Using a central point lift bar, the forward plate compactors are easily lifted to and from jobsites. An optional transport wheel package assists in moving the machines around a jobsite. In addition, most service points are easily accessible.

Quick Specs

  • Engine: 3.5 hp Honda GX120
  • Machine weight: 119, 176 or 185 lbs
  • Centrifugal Force: 2,360, 3,372 lbf
  • Base Plate: 19.5 or 22 inches 
  • Ground Contact Length: 13.4 or 13.9 inches
  • Surface Pressure: 13.5, 12.3 or 15.5 psi

Bobcat RP30.50 reversible plate compactorEquipped with hydrostatic forward and reverse steering, Bobcat reversible plate compactors allow for quick directional changes as well as precise spot compaction in tight spaces.Bobcat

Reversible plate compactors

The three Bobcat reversible plate compactors, models RP22.40, RP30.50 and RP49.20D, are designed to compact granular materials such as sand, gravel and asphalt. An optional toolless rubber mat can be slipped on to operate them on paving blocks without cracking or chipping the surface. 

Two models, the RP22.40 and RP30.50, are equipped with 4.8- or 8-horsepower Honda engines and 10- or 13-inch plates, respectively. The largest of Bobcat's reversible plate machines, the RP49.20D, features an 8.8-horsepower Hatz Tier 4 diesel engine that is available with an optional electrical start and an 18-inch plate.

According to Kidder, these walk-behind machines are nimble and durable. Equipped with hydrostatic forward and reverse steering, they allow for quick directional changes as well as precise spot compaction in tight spaces. The machines feature low handle vibration levels to enhance operator comfort. Isolators designed to absorb vibrations reduce operators’ hand-arm vibration and overall fatigue.

For transportation to a jobsite, there are multiple tie-down points and a central hook integrated into the frame for lifting and transport. 

The reversible plate compactor's twin-shaft exciter is designed to extend service intervals and extend the base plate's life. In addition, there is an optional vibration-activated hour meter to monitor work hours to ensure that maintenance needs are met on time.

Quick specs

  • Engines: 4.8 hp Honda GX160; 8.8 Hatz 1B40 diesel
  • Weighst: 220, 439 or 1,049 lbs.
  • Centrifugal Forces: 5,170; 7,193; or 11,015 lbf
  • Plate sizse: 10, 13 or 18 inches

Bobcat TR75The trench roller is remote-controlled from up to 60 feet away.Bobcat

TR75 trench roller

Powered by a diesel engine and operated by a solar-powered remote control, the Bobcat TR75 trench roller provides high compaction performance on a variety of soil types. Being run by remote from up to 60 feet away, the TR75 helps keep workers out of trenches. This ensures a safer jobsite and reduces fatigue from manual operation. Kidder said the trench roller is easily maneuvered and efficient. 

The machine has two amplitude settings and centrifugal weights in each drum for use in many commercial and industrial applications, including pipeline construction; commercial, industrial, and residential development; structure backfill work; confined workspaces; electric and cable installation; road and rail sub-base Its oscillating articulated joint allows the drums to maintain contact on uneven ground. 

Standard equipment includes drum extensions that bring the dual vibratory drums to a width of 33.5 inches. The padfoot drums compress material for increased penetration in cohesive soils or dense clay. Also, the drums include scraper blades to reduce the need to stop to remove material buildup.

For service, the TR75’s hoods open easily and wide from the middle of the machine for routine maintenance. Daily maintenance checks are tool-free. The greaseless articulation joint requires no maintenance.

 Quick specs

  • Engine: 19.6 hp Yanmar
  • Weight: 3,174 lbs
  • Length: 78 in.
  • Height: 52 in.
  • Centrifugal force: 8,093 lbf