Doosan Portable Power Unveils Its First Trench Roller at World of Concrete

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Doosan Portable Power light compaction products studio image.
Four new or updated pieces of light compaction equipment are unveiled by Doosan Portable Power at World of Concrete 2022. These included a forward plate compactor, a reversible plate compactor, an upright rammer and the company's first trench roller.
Doosan Portable Power

Doosan Portable Power unveiled a major shakeup in its light compaction line at World of Concrete 2022, including its first trench roller.

Four new light compaction machines were unveiled: a DFP1520 forward plate compactor, a DRP3220 reversible plate compactor, trench roller and a DRX70 upright rammer. The DTR3275 trench roller is a new product addition to the Doosan Portable Power lineup, while the other three machines are product updates.

“This is the biggest update for Doosan Portable Power light compaction products since Doosan acquired the line in 2007,” said Joe Tomlin, light compaction product specialist for Doosan. “The older stuff that we had, it was good stuff, but it was just getting outdated, so we really wanted to try to revamp everything and add more features.”

Previously, Tomlin said, there were not many options available on the machines. 

Each machine in the lineup is redesigned and powered by the latest Honda or Yanmar engines. New machine options on each unit increase ease of use and maintenance, including available transport wheels for all models, hour meters to track service intervals and water sprinklers, Tomlin says. All major service points on the machines are accessible tool-free.

While making service points more accessible without tools to extend uptime, guarding was also added in vulnerable places to maximize durability on each machine.

“It’s just slightly different small-niche stuff that we can add to this equipment,” he says.

The Doosan DRX70 upright rammer has an optional air pre-filter system that lowers pressure on the air filter and extends air filter life five times to reduce cost of machine ownership. In addition, the rammer’s offset shoe design makes it easier for operators to place the shoe against walls. There are six different plate sizes available. Operators can also adjust the handle to three positions for more comfortable, ergonomic operation for operators of all heights.

“The ergonomic standards on this equipment is the best rating possible,” Tomlin says. “Just the way some of these designs are made, it just makes operation a lot softer.” Doosan’s updated light compaction equipment is very balanced and the way the rubber bushings and everything is set up helps take the vibrations off the operator."

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According to Tomlin, the hand-arm vibration reduction of the Doosan RP3220 Reversible Plate Compactor makes it a comfortable machine to operate. To further increase ease-of-use, the baseplate self-cleans.

New trench roller

However, the big draw was the trench roller, which was previously not part of Doosan’s lineup.

“The addition of a trench roller to our lineup has our dealers excited because it’s something our customers have been asking for,” Tomlin says.Doosan Portable Power trench rollerThe Doosan DT3275 is one of the few trench rollers on the market that articulates left to right while also oscillating up and down. It is operated with a wireless, solar-powered remote.Doosan Portable Power

Tomlin says the Doosan DT3275 trench roller is unique, as one of the few rollers on the market that articulates left to right and oscillates up and down. 

“It's a maintenance-free joint in there, so customers don't have to worry about it,” he says.

Also, Doosan’s machine carries two different steering cylinders on both sides, rather than just a single cylinder for steering.

Another unique feature is the solar-powered remote. “Our remote is unique because we have a solar panel charger on the front so it’s charging all the time,” Tomlin says. “Crews don’t need to enter the trench or worry about charging the remote and plugging it into the machine.” 

According to Doosan, the remote works at a range of 6 to 60 feet, within line of sight for safety purposes.

“It is very easy to operate and maneuver,” Tomlin says. 

The roller, which runs on a 1.3L Yanmar diesel engine, has two speed options and oscillates at 7 degrees to keep ground contact and prevent rollovers. The unit will shut off at 40 degrees to keep it from turning over.

Tomlin says the Doosan trench roller has an add-on feature like a compaction meter. As the machine is compacting, a light bar will light with green dots and show operators how they are doing on the job. 

Operators can determine the amount of compaction as they use the machine. However, Tomlin says that for most jobs, they want it as far as they can get it. The machine will stop if it identifies itself as being on a surface that cannot be compacted.

“There's surfaces that you get on that people don't realize they're compacting something, and they’re not, and you can actually hurt the machine," Tomlin says. The Doosan machine will warn the operator in such instances. “You can't damage the machine because you know you don't need to mess with it,” Tomlin says.

As with the other Doosan light compact equipment, the trench roller offers easier maintenance access. “Another thing that sets us apart from the competition, a lot of the panels that wrap around these machines, everybody else’s are a solid piece,” Tomlin says. “We broke our panels down so you can break the panels down to access something. You don’t need to tear the machine apart just to do something.”

Doosan treats all its light compaction equipment in a similar fashion. “A lot of light compaction equipment looks really cool and they have fancy shrouds and plastic all over them. Eventually when you go to do something to that machine you have to take the time to take all that stuff apart. We keep ours open, because it’s just easier maintenance.”

Initial shipments of the new machines are expected in March and should be available later in spring.

“It's been a long time coming,” Tomlin says.

Quick specs

Doosan DTR3275 Trench Roller

  • Machine Weight: 3,197 lbs.
  • Drum Diameter: 20.7 in.
  • Drum Width: 33.5 in.
  • Centrifugal Force Settings: 8,093 lbs. (36kN)/16,860 lbs. (75 kN)
  • Engine: Yanmar 3TNV80F

 oosan DRP3220 Reversible Plate CompactorThe hand-arm vibration reduction of the Doosan RP3220 Reversible Plate Compactor makes it one of the most comfortable machines of its kind to operate. To further increase ease-of-use, the baseplate self-cleans.Doosan Portable Power

Doosan DRP3220 Reversible Plate Compactor

  • Machine Weight: 439 lbs.
  • Machine Width: 19.7 in.
  • Max Centrifugal Force: 7,194 lbs. (32 kN)
  • Max Vibration Frequency: 90 Hz
  • Engine: Honda GX 270

Doosan Portable Power upright rammerThe Doosan DRX70 upright rammer has an optional air pre-filter system that lowers pressure on the air filter and extends air filter life five times to reduce cost of machine ownership. To further extend up-time, all major service points can be accessed without tools.Doosan Portable Power

Doosan DRX70 Upright Rammer

  • Machine Weight: 150 lbs.
  • Standard Foot Size: 13.4 in x 11 in.
  • Centrifugal Force: 2,923 lbs. (13 kN)
  • Engine: Honda GXR 120

Doosan Portable Power forward plate compactorThe DFP1520 Forward Plate Compactor is simple to use and maintain for operators of all experience levels.Doosan Portable Power

Doosan DFP1520 Forward Plate Compactor

  • Machine Weight: 185 lbs.
  • Machine Width: 19.7 in.
  • Max Centrifugal Force: 3,372 lbs. (15 kN)
  • Max Vibration Frequency: 100 Hz
  • Engine: Honda GX 120