Kubota’s New L3302, L3902 Compact Tractors Get Premium Features

Updated Mar 4, 2022
Kubuto L-Series Tractor with bucket full of dirt.
Performance enhancing hydraulics on Kubota’s new tractors help you get more work done in the same number of hours.

With the introduction of two new tractors to the company’s legacy L Series compact tractors, Kubota brings many of the hydraulic enhancements and features of premium machines to a new generation.

The Kubota L3302 and L3902 four-wheel-drive models are available with either gear drive or hydrostatic transmissions. The hydrostatic transmission provides fast travel speeds and forward/reverse control that can be operated simply by pressing down on the floor pedal. The hydrostatic models also offer an independent PTO that’s engaged with the flip of a switch. Alternatively, the gear-drive transmission provides a wide range of pulling torque and tractive effort with eight forward and eight reverse speeds.

The “L02” series offers two horsepower options, 33 and 37.5 horsepower on the L3302 and L3902, respectively. The engines are equipped with fuel-efficient common-rail, electronically controlled fuel injection. This together with large fuel tanks means the tractors can work longer without the need to stop and refuel as frequently. Additionally, the common-rail system reduces noise and vibration for a better operator experience.

The new machines have been designed to include premium tractor features such as a more spacious operator station, standard rubber floor mats and an improved suspension seat with optional armrests. A sharp curve to the hood gives the tractors a more modern look, and standard LED headlights and side work lights improve illumination when you’re trying to finish a job at night or in low-light conditions

Designed specifically for the L3302 and L3902, the deeper performance-matched front loader bucket has a maximum lift capacity of 1,144 pounds at the pin and a maximum lift height of 94 inches. The loader valve gives you simultaneous boom and bucket operation and a regenerative circuit to increase speed and dump times to maximizing productivity. The bucket can quickly and easily be removed from the tractor without tools or additional kits.