The Long and Short of it: Cat’s New Wheeled M319, M320 Excavators

Updated Jul 12, 2023
cat excavator
The 46,407-pound M319 digs down to 18-feet, 10-inches and reaches up to 30-feet, 3-inches.

Caterpillar has taken the wraps off a pair of new wheeled excavators, the Cat M319 with a short front-end design and the Cat M320 with a longer wheelbase.

Wheeled excavators excel at urban sites, whether it be working from paved surfaces, traveling from point to point or operating inside cities. The compact footprint of the Cat M319 gets you into and out of confined workspaces whether it be utility work, general excavating or trenching.

With its minimal, 6-foot 3-inch tail swing, you can dig, swing and dump with limited side overhang making it possible to work up against buildings, built structures, other machines or barriers. And when scooting over to the next job, you can road this machine at speeds up to 21.7 mph.

The 46,407-pound M319 runs on a Cat C4.4 diesel engine putting out 171 net horsepower. It digs down to 18-feet 10 inches and reaches up to 30 feet 3 inches. Maximum loading height is 25 feet 7 inches. Auxiliary hydraulic options with high- and medium-pressure circuits and one- and two-way pressure flow allow you to tailor the machine configuration for a wide range of attachments.  

Cat M320

With its longer wheelbase, the Cat M320 increases operating stability, improves machine ride when roading and offers up to 9% more swing torque than its predecessor, the Cat M320F.

A Cat C4.4 diesel engine with 129.4 horsepower provides the punch as this 46,740-pound machine digs to a depth of 19 feet 9 inches. Max reach is 30.5 feet and loading height comes in at 22 feet 10 inches. On-demand electric cooling fans conserve fuel and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) to lower operating costs. And it can run on B20 biodiesel.

A dedicated swing pump provides consistent power. The advanced hydraulic system automatically balances power and efficiency to give operators more machine control for precise working requirements. When the job calls for it, a heavy lift mode boosts lifting capacities.

The M320 also reduces service time with centralized grease points and an automatic lubrication system option for the implement and swing system. 

Features in common

On both machines you’ll find an updated cab with a new 10-inch touchscreen monitor and intuitive machine controls. You can program joystick configurations and power preferences and recall operator-specific settings based on a unique operator ID.  A tilt-up console makes cab entry and exit easier, and viscous mounts reduce vibration feedback in the cab, keeping you more comfortable and focused all day. 

As for maintenance, fluid sampling ports and daily maintenance points can all be accessed from ground level to simplify these chores. You can also track filter life and maintenance intervals inside the cab via the touchscreen monitor.

The operator ID features a push button start for added security, and the M320 offers a Bluetooth enabled key fob. Also useful on crowded jobsites is an optional 360-degree visibility system that pulls together video from multiple cameras around the machine to give operators a complete view of their surroundings.

Two cab designs are available. Deluxe comes standard with a heated and air-adjustable seat. Premium offers a heated and ventilated seat that automatically adjusts.