Amsoil Takes Aim at Small Engine Oils

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Amsoil Small Engine Oil

Amsoil's new 15W-50 Synthetic Small-Engine Oil is designed to serve landscapers and other professionals who rely on small engines.

The new oil joins the 5W-30, 10W-30 and 10W-40 viscosities in this commercial-grade product line.

The oil features a shear-stable, high-film-strength formulation that provides wear protection. It is fortified with premium anti-wear additives that deliver continuous severe-service protection, helping reduce maintenance costs and maximize equipment life.

The oil provides a thick lubricating film that does not thin out due to mechanical shear, resulting in a durable barrier that protects against metal-to-metal contact, Amsoil says.

The oil can be used in small engines found in such machines as zero-turn, riding, stand-on and push mowers; generators; power washers; and other equipment requiring SAE 50, 10W-50 or 15W-50 motor oil. It delivers protection for up to 200 hours, or the longest original equipment manufacturer (OEM) oil-change recommendation.