Equipment Roundup: Ford Unveils F-150 Tremor (Video); New JLG Boom Lift Prevents Overloading; Lifting Attachment Roundup; New RoadHog Skid Steer Cold Planer; Genesis Intros GRX 295 Demo Tool

Change Jaws From the Cab With New Genesis GRX 295 Demo Tool

Genesis Attachments says the latest addition to its line of Razer X Multi-Jaw Demolition Tools can undergo jaw changes within 2 minutes, and the excavator operator doesn’t have to leave the cab.

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RoadHog adds G5HD road planer to model lineup

RoadHog is now offering the G5HD skid steer cold planer, a lower-cost, more flexible alternative than dedicated milling machines, according to the company. The model features a Fairfield 7HBX planetary coupled to a Sauer M44 piston motor.  

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8 Attachments for Grabbing, Hoisting and Lifting It All

When it comes to lifting material – and in one case, people – these eight attachments for construction equipment can help you get the job done.  

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JLG’s 8 New HC3 Boom Lifts Prevent Overloading With Load-Sensing Technology

JLG is rolling out a new line of telescopic and articulated mobile elevating work platforms with greater reach and higher platform capacities. The HC3 Series of telescopic and articulated boom lifts feature platform heights ranging from 40 to 86 feet. “HC” stands for high capacity.  

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Ford’s New F-150 Tremor is Almost a Raptor, But Without the Price Tag (Video)

Ford is expanding the Tremor family of trucks. Initially launched on Super Duty and Ranger, the Tremor off-road package will soon be available on the 2021 F-150 as well. We’ve got the details on this beefy equipment package in the video below.  

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