Wirtgen’s new W 220 Fi, W 250 Fi cold planers cut operator workload

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Updated Dec 28, 2020
Wirtgen W 220 FiWirtgen W 220 Fi

Wirtgen’s new flagship cold planer models, the W 220 Fi and W 250 Fi, come standard with the company’s Mill Assist machine control technology.

The large milling machines can cut to depths of 14 inches and widths of 86 inches. The W 220 runs on an 801-horsepower engine, while the W 250 has a 1,010-horsepower engine.

The Mill Assist automatically adjusts the speed of the diesel engine, milling drum, traction drive, water system and the machine’s advance rate, according to the company. “This relieves the machine operator of a tremendous part of his workload while at the same time improving machine performance and minimizing diesel consumption, CO2 emissions, pick consumption and noise emissions,” Wirtgen says.

Mill Assist also controls the planers’ transmissions, which can be shifted even under load. This enables the drum to operate at different speeds to handle a variety of tasks while also saving fuel.

Wirtgen W 250 FiWirtgen W 250 Fi

The operator can preselect working modes for “cost-optimized,” “performance-optimized” and “milling texture quality.” With the touch of a button, they can determine milling texture quality on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being coarse and 10 being very fine.

Wirtgen Performance Tracker calculates the machine’s surface milling performance, milling volume and consumption values. The data are displayed in real time for the operator, and an automatically generated report is sent to the operator’s email after the work is done.

Both models are forward-loading machines with two-stage conveyor systems. Wirtgen says it made the operator’s station comfortable. The cabin can move and swivel hydraulically. The machines’ four track units are steerable, and their heights can be adjusted hydraulically.